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Jeff Toycen

Jeff experimenting with Unibits

I’ve had the joy of being in a manufacturing setting for most of my life. In my travels I’ve learned that I like to design things and I’ve had the pleasure of building ships, cranes, buildings, armored vehicles, robots and rocket parts. Most interesting of all were the machine shops and along the way I learned about DC motors and controls. In 2005 I thought I’d bring that experience (common in large machine tools) to tool grinders, bench grinders and belt sanders . The benefits being speed control, torque and reversing potential. AC motors are very inexpensive which is why they are commonly used. I felt that tool grinders and bench grinders were too big or too fast and needed a visit. Time for some new material. To begin with, we designed the CUTTERMASTER Professional, and then Rolled out the Tradesman Line. Hope you like what we’ve done. – Jeff Toycen, 2017 (Cuttermasters Catalog 2017)