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Got the grinder set up on my stand this weekend, All I can say is that it is fantastic. I’ve been sharpening for years on a six inch stone wheel (White one…all by the book) and was interested to feel how this new rig would be and how sharp the result would be. Even did the coin test. Thanks for quick delivery and super machine.

Steve T, Woodturner, Maine

I am daily impressed with the DS213 Drill Grinder, it has cut my time in half and made drilling is so enjoyable.

Greg G, Massechusettes

I did a lot of research before purchasing your Tradesman DC system and it is a phenomenal unit and works as advertised. A lot more expensive than I had planned on but I have no regrets. The quality is superior to any system I could find.

Mark S, Nevada VP - Microsoft

The Tradesman DC is the best grinder I have ever been near.


George, WI CTO - Venture VC

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Tyne T.

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Corbin M.

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John F. Business Analyst

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Christen R. CEO - Intercorp